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September 2008
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Welcome to the VidaCura Blog!

Welcome to the VidaCura Blog.

To get things started, I’m going to talk about the mess we call Health Care and its dysfunctional uncle, Insurance. I’m looking forward to being informative, but forthright. I’ll preface by restating the purpose of VidaCura. We’re here because we want to help make you smarter shoppers for health care products; namely home medical equipment. We think that as you become smarter, you’ll be able to take on the system more effectively.

Right now, it appears that the problem with the “Health Care System” is that it is too big to get ones arms around. Worse, there are those in the Health Care Industry that don’t want this problem solved. My battle-tested process for solving complex problems is to break them up into small pieces and to then solve those smaller problems first. Get enough of them nailed and you’ll get the confidence to take on the larger problems. You might find that you don’t have much of a big problem left to deal with in some cases.

This brings me back to why we started and where we solve some of the smaller problems, like home medical products. Home Medical Products is an area where we have a lot of professional and personal expertise. It’s about real products that are basic necessities for many of the health care problems we can manage ourselves. Health care and insurance insiders want the system to be complex because it benefits them. VidaCura believes that given the knowledge, you, the consumer can become smarter and more empowered to deal with these challenging and costly problems. As the expression goes, knowledge is power.

Visit and check out our solution to this Health Care mess. It may only tackle a small part of the problem, but it’s a great start. We welcome your feedback and look forward to solving more problems with you in the coming year.

Larry Berk,
President and Co-Founder

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