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July 2015
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Lightweight Spitfire Scout 4 Scooter

If you’re in the market for a lightweight portable scooter, the Scout Spitfire from Drive Medical is a bargain at $699.95. Read on to find out how to get an even better deal!

Aside from the price, the main reason why you would want the Scout is because it’s a lot of performance in a compact package. Weighing in at less than 100 lbs including the battery it will still move a rider up to 300 lbs at almost 5 miles an hour. Drive Medical really gave some thought to what’s needed in a scooter like this one. It’s best feature is that it breaks down into five parts, all without tools. The heaviest piece is the front section that weighs in at 39 lbs. That this scooter comes apart means you don’t even have to have a car trunk to carry it. You can place the individual parts right on the back seat of most cars.

Spitfire Scout 4 Scooter

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If you’re considering a scooter for the first time to help get around, you’re in great company! The Scout 4 will let you go shopping, to the bank, doctor’s appointments, amusement parks, flea markets… I could go on and on.

In no particular order, here are answers to commonly asked questions: Yes, the Scout 4 has a forward and reverse gear. The tires on the Scout 4 are designed for man-made surfaces including carpet, tile, paved, small-sized gravel and cement. The battery pack charges in about 6 hours. The Scout scooter requires no maintenance and like other consumer electronics items in your home will last for 7-10 years, requiring no service other than replacing the battery. You can expect to run the battery down and be able to recharge it again about 150-300 times. By the way, VidaCura sells replacement battery packs.

I promised a deal. Here it is! Buy your scooter from VidaCura over the 4th of July holiday and save an additional 5%. Just enter NEWYEAR15 in the promo code field. That’s another $35 you can spend on fireworks!

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