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Cold Therapy Systems

During the recovery period after orthopedic surgery, doctors usually prescribe a post-operational treatment regimen called cold therapy. This treatment—sometimes referred to as “ice therapy” or “cryotherapy”—involves covering the target area with a specially fitted wrap and cooling it to reduce swelling and pain. Athletes and people with less serious conditions may also use this method to heal sports or activity injuries, including pulled muscles and sprains.

How Does Cold Therapy Work?

Cryotherapy works like a carefully positioned ice pack. The cooling helps numb the user’s pain in the target area and further reduces pain by counteracting any swelling that may be present. It is very important that the cold pack used for therapy does not touch the skin directly. Many products, discussed below, come with a pad or other component meant to prevent direct contact, and a layer of clothing is often suggested. Failure to use this and follow instructions properly can result in frostbite or “cryoburn,” so make sure you have all the parts you need!

There is a rarer variant known as “cold compression therapy” that is not as frequently recommended by doctors due to its increased risk of tissue damage. This form of treatment is based on the medical principle of RICE: rest, ice, compression, evaluation. It efficiently applies these by performing cryotherapy and static compression at the same time. The static compression component works similarly to a large, tight bandage.

Products are specially made for these purposes, and their manufacturers and designers aim to create maximum comfort and effectiveness for the user. They are usually adjustable to accommodate a range of body types, as well as molded according to the shape of the target area. If your surgeon has recommended a cryotherapy recovery care regimen to you, then you will require either cold therapy wraps or a cold therapy device. Whether it’s for your neck, knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle, there is a product that will fit your target area!

Cold Therapy Wraps

Cold wraps are like very high-tech bandages. They contain frigid gel or ice within a protective coating that prevents direct skin contact, which would result in a cryoburn. Some wraps are one-time use only, but many are made to be reusable and can refreeze for repeated use. If you prefer a more manual approach to your therapy, then a wrap should suit your needs well. The multitude of brands for therapy wrap products include Hot&Cold, Nexcare, Ice Kold, and many others that we offer in the “Hot and Cold Packs” section of the VidaCura web store.

Pro-Tec cold therapy wraps

See the Pro-Tec cold wrap in the VidaCura store.

Cold Therapy Devices

Cold therapy units are an advanced version of cold wraps that use an electronic cooler to administer thermal care. They come with specially made, heavy-duty wraps or larger cuffs that connect to the cooler, which pumps icy fluid through the cold therapy system to circulate around the target area. If you are interested in top-of-the-line technology for your personal care needs and don’t mind the higher price point for such well-designed equipment, then a cold therapy device may be a good solution for you. A cold therapy system like this is built for comfort, and it is also very powerful in cooling the target area, so please be sure to follow its user instructions closely!

Several major brands of these ice machines are available from VidaCura. We are an official reseller of Breg systems. Breg is a popular brand that supplies models such as the Kodiak and Polar Care Cube. We also carry the Aircast gravity cooler and the VitalWrap system, as well as their components and accessories.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak

See the Breg Polar Care Kodiak system at the VidaCura Breg Store.

What if I Need a Replacement?

Of course if you chose a single-use system, you’re expecting to run out of wraps. However, if you have multiple target areas to take care of, or if you simply misplaced a cuff, there is no need to order an entirely new cold therapy device. We offer a variety of cuffs, as well as replacement wraps, batteries, chargers, and even coolers.

Find your favorite therapy system and recover well!

Disclaimer: This informational article is not medical advice and makes no claim on behalf of a healthcare professional.

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